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The owners and the associates would like to thank you for visiting our site. Though we are not owned or operated by Aqua-Flo, the manufacturer, we do believe in their products 100%. With over 100 combined years of experience in the pool and spa industry, we strongly feel that the Aqua-Flo product line is by far the most reliable, easy to use and maintain spa and swimming pool pumps and motors in the industry.


A lot of pool equipment companies feed off the average pool/spa owners’ lack of correct terminology to make a sale. For instance, the piece of equipment that moves your water. Most consumers call that the pump or motor when in fact it is both bolted together. The motor is the metal cylindrical piece that the power cord connect to and the pump is the plastic end connected to the motor. This end is where the water lines are connected to. A lot of unscrupulous sellers do not explain this to you when they are advertising/selling you a product. They advertise their product as a high quality Aqua-Flo pump. Well, technically it is - that is the pump part itself ONLY is the quality Aqua-Flo, but the motor is not the one that Aqua-Flo, the manufacturer uses. AquaFloDirect.com could do the same - buy the pump(The Plastic End) itself from Aqua-Flo and the motor from somewhere else and sell it for less, but we don't believe in cobbling together our products. All of our Aqua-Flo products are 100% Aqua-Flo. On other websites if you don't see the Aqua-Flo logo and model name on the motor, then it's NOT. Would you feel comfortable buying a Chevy, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, etc.. if you knew the dealership was buying the shell of the automobile from the manufacturer and then putting an aftermarket motor in it to save a few bucks? aquaflodirect.com sells you the whole good from Aqua-Flo built to perform the way Aqua-Flo , the manufacturer built and tested it to perform by their high standards. We give you a great product for a great price.

All the products we offer make keeping your pool/spa water cleaner easier. That is what we strive to do - keep your pool/spa water cleaner, easier, without draining you mentality or your pocketbook.

Thank you again for visiting our site. If you are not yet a member of our extended Aquaflodirect family - we hope you soon will be.

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